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Read what others are saying about these 5 strategies I shared in this Property Crash Course on my Business and Entrepreneurship show below...

* * * * * Great content, love to hear more!

I am Business Analyst by day and something else after hours! I have started my venture, and discovered your podcasts a bit too late, which means I have been experiencing some negative returns, which I need to correct. I would love to get access to your training, so it can help identify where I have gone wrong. I am looking to take on my 3rd due to new opportunity rising outside my city, but I am having challenges around that.

If I am able to make some success happen, it means I will be supporting my large family, and I hope to give back to the community and people to try make some positive change happen.

If I am not chosen to receive some of your content that is fine, I will keep listening to your podcasts as they very informative and I enjoy them :) keep doing your thing, I hope you are able to help loads of people.

Best wishes


* * * * * Great Information to have

This podcast was incredible, it's really motivated me to get involved in the property market and I'd love to get the further training to get started!

Thanks for making this free!

* * * * * Truly Inspirational

This podcast was very motivational. Being a female myself , I loved how a business can acquire over 17,000 happy customers in 5 years !

Overall the podcast was informative and motivating and surprisingly calming I will surely be looking forward to continue listening to upcoming podcasts


* * * * * Really good and informative

5 star review due to the free tips and I am really looking to get into the property business but just need the courage to start tiktok kasims28

* * * * * Life changing

18 year old, coming into the world scared and having someone like Ryan offering these ideas is honestly life changing. Been told I should go uni but cannot do so because of the crippling debt. Definitely something to look into and 100 percent recommend. 

Thank you Ryan.

* * * * * Great content. Definitely recommend

Useful content, 5* and love the £1k to £3k strategy. 

Thanks Ryan

* * * * * Very good and easy guide to make money

listened to a few podcasts now and has helped me a lot with lots of things overall.


* * * * * Great listen

Must listen to this, Ryan talks a lot of sense.

* * * * * Well worth a listen

5*. Just started listening to this pod cast and can’t wait to drive to work to listen to the rest! Well worth downloading!

* * * * * A must see

This was really good I picked up some really great tips and information

You must try this if you’re serious about property

* * * * * Inspiring

Great ideas, good to listen to. Helped me drive my business forward definitely recommend.

* * * * * Amazing business podcast

Thank you so much for these episodes. They give me the inspiration I need to keep going through the difficult times we are in right now with all the uncertainty in the world. Great work, has the power to change lives!

Entrepreneur 81

* * * * * Amazing insight!

Learn something new every ep! Thanks!


* * * * * TikTok review

Class stuff 👏🏻


* * * * * great insightful podcasts that are very motivating 🙌🏽

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